How to think about how you think

How to think about how you think. 

Physicality in martial arts practice is the most important aspect of your training, hands down. The countless hours you spend in the gym, drilling, sparring, preparing for fighting cannot be daydreamed. You have to do the work no matter what martial art you train in. Systema is no exception.
But how do you think about your martial art? Systema is not just a different way of moving, a different way of practicing a martial art, it is also a different way of thinking. For all the movement that is practiced in Systema, more than any other martial art I have practiced, movement is only One percent of the art. Ninety nine percent is philosophy. The way you think, the shape of your thoughts, the feelings they create are the heart of Systema. Literally how your consciousness shapes your movement, hides your intension, keens your senses and seamlessly translates thoughts into relaxed power are key. Understanding how to hack into your own neuromuscular consciousness to generate power is a unique skill set and the focus of my 2019 seminar series. From stand up to ground fighting, multiple attackers and weapons work this is series is not to be missed. See you on the floor.

Martin Wheeler.